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A bit of herstory of the site.

My name is @dragium and I am a huge fan of Drag, this site is dedicated to the art of Drag in all it's forms.

A few years back around 2013, I used to live in Mexico and watch series while I worked, before everything became streaming the only way to watch the shows I liked was in some weird site, that would change domain frequently everytime they got caught (it was not legal hehe)

While I searched for my favorite shows, I would see RuPaul's Drag Race listed and I would always skip it, I didn't know what it was, I thought it was related to cars and the lady in the picture (RuPaul) looked weird.

One magical day I had finished watching all my regular series and was desperate for something to watch, and Drag Race came accross again and I decided to watch an episode and I was instantly hooked, at the time season five was airing and we all know it is one of the best seasons ever! No exageration, a week later I had watch all five seasons (some seasons more than once).

Ever since I don't miss an episode of any of the Drag Race variations we have nowadays and then some more alternative options.

Recently I had been lacking motivation at my day job, I wanted something that excited me, and what better than mergin my passion for Drag, Art and Technology, that is how Squirrels & Friends was born.

If you share this passion and want to collaborate reach out! @dragium